May 01

Imaginary Cores!!

My co-worker and I where in Best Buy a few days ago perusing the laptop area. One of the friendly Best Buy sales people came up to us as we were checking out this i7 laptop. The Task Manager just happened to be open, and it was on the performance tab showing “8 Cores.” The sales guy quickly latched onto the coolness factor of “8 cores.”

As he started his pitch it became apparent very early on that this was going to be a rather interesting experience – so we listened.

Best Buy Sales Guy – “This is a great laptop, with great features. It has 8 cores, 4 of which are real cores and the other 4 are…. (insert lengthy pause here) …Well, I’m not quite sure. I’m not sure what they do…”

Us – “Oh…”

Best Buy Sales Guy – “Actually, these are the real cores here (points to the first four core windows in the cpu usage history pane), and these are are the imaginary cores (pointing to the other four)”

Us – “Imaginary, Oh?…

Us – “Thank You for your time.”

I tried to imagine 16 cores, but it didn’t work… *sigh*

Mar 29

More DroidX Issues – Camera Freezes Shortly After Startup

Recently I began to have an issue with my DroidX phone where the camera would freeze up shortly after I would launch the application. I tried a number of different things trying to get this issue resolved – most of them did not work. I tried  *228 – nope.  I tried moving a majority of the pictures and videos off the phone – nope. The only solution I found that I did not try was to re-format the memory card, and I’m glad I didn’t. It was fortunate for me I ran across a forum post in which someone stated it was an issue with a corrupted video or picture. To test this out, all you have to do is un-mount your memory card and then fire up your camera app. If it doesn’t freeze up chances are you have a corrupt video in your gallery. Mount the memory card back up and check your gallery for any corrupt video files – delete them when you find them. This should fix your issue.

Mar 16

Brother wired and wireless printer(s) issues

I have a number of brother printers scattered throughout our network that have both wireless and wired capabilities.  I set all these printers up via a wired connection. Every now and then I’d get a call saying that they could not longer print to the printer. After further investigation I find there isn’t a network link light on the back, and I am unable to ping the printer.

SO, not sure who the smart guy is that thought it would be a good idea to disable the wired network when the wireless is enabled, but that’s the issue. Somehow, someway, the wireless gets enabled and therefore disables the wired end of things. The fix is to simply hold the go button in until the printer prints out a network stat page. You should now have links light again and be able to ping the printer.

Brother model is an HL-2270dw.

Oct 22

Can receive, but can’t send emails out through the Droid X?

I’ve been using a first gen droid for sometime now and it’s been solid as a rock, from every aspect. Yesterday I got my hands on a new Droid X and had to configure Email on it. I though to myself, “Well, this should only take a few moments,” and I can send this person on their way. I got everything setup up, as it should have been – emails started coming in and as usual I wanted to test the outgoing connection as well. This is where the frustration begins! I could not send out any email. I changed port numbers, I changed security settings and I must have deleted and recreated the account four or five times. I even tried setting up a corporate account (we don’t use exchange, but our email server does support exchange active-sync) with no luck. I finally decided to call Verizon after an hour or two of trying to fix this (Google was no help either). So – here is how we fixed this issue.

Removed the email account, pulled the battery out while the phone was on (kept it out for 10+ seconds), turned the phone back on and then recreated the account. Before checking the the newly created email account we dialed

*2-2-8 option 1

This updated the phone

All was well and email was flowing in and out after that. *sigh*